Patient Reviews

“I have moved to Western South Carolina and so unfortunately, will no longer be able to have your wonderful services. I just want to Thank You for taking care of me for the past 30+ years...YOU ARE THE BEST! (NO EXAGGERATION). Thanks to you I think I am the only 71 year old in Appalachia with all my FRONT TEETH.”

- Love, Dave Conrad

“I had a partial made by my new dentist Dr. Harvey Comrie & I have to give him & his staff a shout out!! I have been wearing my new partial & it doesn't even feel like it is there! I am so satisfied with your office. So friends if you are looking for a dentist & office staff who truly care about YOU, give Today's Family Dental a call!”

- Rebecca Ackerman

“Very caring, informative and professional. Although I'm not a "whimp"going to the dentist those who are would be set at ease with the care here!”

- Sonia Gilbert

“The best dentist I have seriously ever had! Not only did they find things that my dentist had missed for years! But he also calls to see how I am doing and feeling later on after a procedure and gives his cell and home number! It seriously makes you feel so unbelievably cared for!!!! :)”

- Cassandra Craigie

“I've been going to Dr. Comrie ever since I was a kid. He and his friendly staff make you feel welcome and at ease! Dr. Comrie is very personable, and if you are having work done, he makes sure you are not in pain.”

- Matt Thomas

“Thank you for taking such good care of our family all these years. You're a blessing to us Today's Family Dental. We love you guys!”

- The Cerniglia Family, Fruitport

“5 stars - this is the only dentist I will go to. I even bring my toddler here. Excellent customer service, everyone always has a friendly smile and the service outs excellent.”

- Miranda Rena Carpenter

“Love this place and all the staff!!”

- Rebecca R Riffle

“The best dentist office I've ever been to in my life. The staff and dentist treat you with so much love and respect. I'm so sad I couldn't take them to San Antonio, Texas with me.”

- LaTonya Evans

“I just got home from my initial visit and I have to say "YEAH" I have found a dental office that CLEANS my teeth!! I can never remember leaving a dental office and having my teeth feel so smooth and clean!!! GREAT job Today's Family Dental!!!! You want new patients? I will spread the word!!”

- Joan Gorajec

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